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Construction of Awnings

We are proud of our tradition of making custom awnings for home use. With experience and expertise in the field, we ensure that every awning we manufacture meets the needs and preferences of our customers, while offering durability and aesthetic value.

Awnings and Materials

We use only the best materials and technologies in the construction of our awnings. Our sails offer high protection from the sun and rain, while maintaining their aesthetics for a long time. By choosing the company, you invest in quality and reliability.

Design and Construction

The company’s experts provide personalized awning design to meet the client’s needs and preferences. This can include both traditional and modern design options.

Selection of Materials

The company offers high-quality material options for awnings, as well as awning mechanisms and frames, ensuring durability and aesthetic value.


The company’s specialists undertake the complete installation of the awnings with precision and professionalism. This includes fitting the frame and mechanisms as well as local testing to ensure proper operation.

Maintenance and Repair

The company provides maintenance and repair services to keep awnings in top condition over time. This includes cleaning, lubricating and replacing parts as needed.

Advice and Support

The company’s experts provide advice on the appropriate type and placement of awnings for the customer’s home, as well as support for any questions or concerns.mpt assistance with inquiries and orders.

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